Organisational Structure

The Association is operating according to the principles established in its statues. Annually the general meeting of the association members elects the president and vice-president and the board, consisting from 6 members, as well as the Auditing Commission.

           The head of the administration is the President. In the periods between the annual meetings the work of the association is guided by the Board. The Board organise regular meetings at least once per month, solving actual matters regarding current matters related to the operations of the Association. The work of the Association is carried out in the form of the committees - presently there operate 6 committees and 7 commissions. As the leader of each work groups there is appointed a Board Member. The certification body of real property valuers is Appraisers Certification bureau being sub-structure of LĪVA, which has passed accreditation according to LVS EN ISO/IEC 17024 standard.